A Good Day In Singapore!

The Newton Food Centre is open again! 

If only we could put it in words! The results and finish job are outstanding.

The site has a more polished look that is appealing to many. Consumers have also noticed a few price increases but aren’t discouraged. It took three months to upgrade and renovate the old construction of the Newton Food Centre.

The company has publicly boasted of new installments and a friendlier place. 

Those visiting the site will experience new chairs, new toilets, increased space in aisles and better tables. The inside has better light fixtures installed as well. These low energy needs are based on up-to-date LED technology. Customers also have large accommodating basin to wash their hands at.

The amenities are great.

Individual vendors, through the reconstruction process, were concerned about their rents and it increasing. Luckily, a majority of these vendors stayed as they were. But recall, many are still raising prices. 

We’ve recorded increases of up to $S 0.50 at most. A small bargain for a popular place with so much expectation. 

Bowls of noodles rose by $0.50 at the XO Minced Meat Noodle. Meanwhile, Bee Heng Popiah raised prices by roughly $0.20. The 53 year old vendor claims that his stall has been getting a good response regardless. Patrons are apparently happy to pay the extra pennies. 

In fact, Bee Hen Popiah’s vendor, Gary Tan sold out in an unusual manner. He was out of popiah by 08:00a.m. on a Monday.

The refurbishment of the Centre has been accepted by everyone. 

Everyone is happy.

Nearby offices pack the food centre during lunchtime with long lines, and over 25 options to choose from. It’s been an overall success to say the least. The money flowing in is incredible. Everyone, both the consumer and the merchants, are benefiting. 

The increase in prices hasn’t stalled business or stopped the eagerness of patrons. 

This is a good day in Singapore to say the least!