When an Important Economy Begins It Downfall

Singapore’s SembMarine is necessary for the survival of its O&M environment. 

But recent new has the industry shaken a bit, and few people understand how it will play out. Even less people know how to handle it all at once. With SembMarine so vital to Singapore’s O&M, an intervention is necessary. It should be underway immediately. 

The emergency comes from a big player in the industry and their filing for bankruptcy. 

Sete Brasil’s bankruptcy came before formal trading hours in 2016 and on April 21. Since, the Keppel Corporation and Semcorp Marine shares have traded in the red. It’s a drastic scenario. But more fear is fueling the ongoing and downward spiral of the company.

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Important economy Begins it downfall when you don’t give too much focus on growth and smaller details.

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The drop in the trading markets occurred as concern for Sete Brasil. The company showed weak fundamental analysis in the O&M sector. The is the offshore and marine sector which is vital to Singapore and its economy. 

The appeal of Keppel Corporation and Sembcorp Marine have been heavily questioned by investors. There is a lack of faith. The two groups cover institutional and retail sections.

The bankruptcy by Sete Brasil relates directly to the two O&M companies however. 

Sete Brasil owns singular rig-building manufacturing needed for both Keppel Corporation and Sembcorp Marine. The company represents roughly $5 billion USD on the prior two company’s books. 

There were also market indicators of this big news in bankruptcy.

Hercules Offshore, a Houston-based group, made light of this potential earlier in the year. They proclaimed that Sete Brasil would face the need to file for Chapter 11. This is a bankruptcy clause that offers protection against outstanding debts. 

The events came as foresight to Hercules Offshore after Sete Brasil’s inability for repayment of a $450 million USD  personal loan. The end clients for Hercules and Sete’s contracts would be Masersk Oil and Petrobras should thing continue through.

Now is nothing but embarrassment.

How to Understand PMI in Red Regardless of Healthy Signs


There’s a strange, economic contradiction happening within the Singapore markets. 
The phenomenon is unexplainable as the nation tries to improve its stance in technology, innovation and economic strength. Whether specialists can find the glitch or flaws is unknown. The search is on and strong however. 

But we can only set our sights on the indicators we do have in possession.

The Purchasing Mangers’ Index for Singapore showed a .4 uptick from the previous month’s 49.8 point. This might seem like good news at first glance. But there are contradictions no one can clearly explain. 

The contractions all across the board happens regardless of improved readings by the Singapore Institute of Purchasing & Materials Management. See more about low interest car loans and best personal loans in Singapore.

Sadly, the manufacturing sectors continue to lose traction overall. It’s hard to find out where as many indications show healthy signs still.  

It’s been happening since the 10th month, and since last year in June. Though many reliable indicators show a lost of traction as well as contraction, simple readings provide signs of improvements in nearly all sectors. The scenario boggles everyone. 

During the moderate production of factory output in Singapore, many areas posted the slowing down of contraction. The ready situation to improve is here. The complete turning point has yet to be acknowledged though.

No one knows where the change will occur or how. 

From employment, to export and new orders, the momentum of loss has started to slow down. There were even stints of great expansion. That expansion covered areas like supplier deliveries, inventory, finished goods and stocks. For the first time, the export even showed signs of quick development like never before seen. 

They were evident even from formal records of a 14 month, non-stop decline.    

The electronics industries had a .5 uptick according to SIPMM. Regardless of these sound indicators, contraction occurred for 10 months in a row since June.

SIPMM, the same agency, suggests that the electronics sectors are still healthy. 

A Good Day In Singapore!

The Newton Food Centre is open again! 

If only we could put it in words! The results and finish job are outstanding.

The site has a more polished look that is appealing to many. Consumers have also noticed a few price increases but aren’t discouraged. It took three months to upgrade and renovate the old construction of the Newton Food Centre.

The company has publicly boasted of new installments and a friendlier place. 

Those visiting the site will experience new chairs, new toilets, increased space in aisles and better tables. The inside has better light fixtures installed as well. These low energy needs are based on up-to-date LED technology. Customers also have large accommodating basin to wash their hands at.

The amenities are great.

Individual vendors, through the reconstruction process, were concerned about their rents and it increasing. Luckily, a majority of these vendors stayed as they were. But recall, many are still raising prices. 

We’ve recorded increases of up to $S 0.50 at most. A small bargain for a popular place with so much expectation. 

Bowls of noodles rose by $0.50 at the XO Minced Meat Noodle. Meanwhile, Bee Heng Popiah raised prices by roughly $0.20. The 53 year old vendor claims that his stall has been getting a good response regardless. Patrons are apparently happy to pay the extra pennies. 

In fact, Bee Hen Popiah’s vendor, Gary Tan sold out in an unusual manner. He was out of popiah by 08:00a.m. on a Monday.

The refurbishment of the Centre has been accepted by everyone. 

Everyone is happy.

Nearby offices pack the food centre during lunchtime with long lines, and over 25 options to choose from. It’s been an overall success to say the least. The money flowing in is incredible. Everyone, both the consumer and the merchants, are benefiting. 

The increase in prices hasn’t stalled business or stopped the eagerness of patrons. 

This is a good day in Singapore to say the least!

A Clean Bill of Health For Prawns and Shrimp

prawns and shrimp

According to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority, veterinary drugs must be absent from foods like prawns and shrimp. There is no exception to this rule. Reports this month show that no veterinary drugs have been detected in all samples presented. It’s a sign of good faith.

The search included monitoring for the residue of substances like amphenicols or nitrofurans. These are hazardous but were found in foreign samples. 

Nones of these have been found in shrimp or prawns recently examined. 

The concerns came from an alarming claim that the US Food and Drug Administration made concerning Malaysian food products. The agency suggested that it traced banned antibiotics in prawns and shrimp. The tested samples were samples entering the USA and for consumption. 

Hence, the industry has been on edge. 

The traces claimed to have been detected were chloramphenicol and nitrofurans.

Today’s news show that new samples of these crustaceans are absent of veterinary drugs. Good news for the industry. Surely. The AVA in Singapore says that it has routine surveillance that monitors all shipments of prawns and shrimp.

This can be a safe warning to be cautious of these types of foods coming in from Malaysia. Agencies show that samples are now safe, but safety should also be taken by your household. The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority does now run it’s own tests.

This is in order to be compliance with food safety, standards and requirements. 

There were 16 tonnes of these foods imported into Singapore last year, and another 91,000 tonnes came from Malaysia in the same calender year.

The type of antibiotics that were found in the shrimp and prawn samples from Malaysia are considered highly toxic for human consumption. Health issues would arise as a result. The end result is death for those who come in contact with the drugs. 

Tips for Taking on a Business Partner


Whether your goal; is expanding your client base for your lending company, or cutting back on your own work hours, taking on a  partner can help you fulfill all of your business goals in establishing a unique fintech such as lenders offering online loans.

 Partnerships are a wonderful way to expand your services; take on new clients; increase profits; and even expand into new areas of interest. Of course, it is vital to find juts the right kind of partner.  So, what should you look for in a new partner?

Someone with the Same Business Philosophy

If you have been running things on your own from the start, taking on a  partner may offer its own challenges. Make the transition easier by choosing a partner with the same basic business philosophies as your own if example you decide to apply for business loans from the best licensed moneylender in Singapore. That way, your staff and clients will not see any major changes right away; and that can help keep everyone feeling confident wit the new arrangement.

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 Someone Who Adds Value to Your Business

Pick a partner that is qualified to step in and start work right away.  Look at his/her skills, education, business prowess; finances and more.  Every partner you take on should add something of value to your business.

 Someone Your Like (and can get along with)

You are going to be working very closely with your new partner (and sharing your proifits), so you had better be sure you like this person.

Someone You Trust

You are going to be opening yourself (and your seo outsourcing business) up to your new partner in every way. It is vital that you can completely trust this digital marketing strategist with your business decisions; clients; finances and more.

 Taking on a  business partner can be a boom for your company, but it is a big change. Be sure to choose wisely and carefully. This is a decision that will change the course of your future!