How to Understand PMI in Red Regardless of Healthy Signs


There’s a strange, economic contradiction happening within the Singapore markets. 
The phenomenon is unexplainable as the nation tries to improve its stance in technology, innovation and economic strength. Whether specialists can find the glitch or flaws is unknown. The search is on and strong however. 

But we can only set our sights on the indicators we do have in possession.

The Purchasing Mangers’ Index for Singapore showed a .4 uptick from the previous month’s 49.8 point. This might seem like good news at first glance. But there are contradictions no one can clearly explain. 

The contractions all across the board happens regardless of improved readings by the Singapore Institute of Purchasing & Materials Management. See more about low interest car loans and best personal loans in Singapore.

Sadly, the manufacturing sectors continue to lose traction overall. It’s hard to find out where as many indications show healthy signs still.  

It’s been happening since the 10th month, and since last year in June. Though many reliable indicators show a lost of traction as well as contraction, simple readings provide signs of improvements in nearly all sectors. The scenario boggles everyone. 

During the moderate production of factory output in Singapore, many areas posted the slowing down of contraction. The ready situation to improve is here. The complete turning point has yet to be acknowledged though.

No one knows where the change will occur or how. 

From employment, to export and new orders, the momentum of loss has started to slow down. There were even stints of great expansion. That expansion covered areas like supplier deliveries, inventory, finished goods and stocks. For the first time, the export even showed signs of quick development like never before seen. 

They were evident even from formal records of a 14 month, non-stop decline.    

The electronics industries had a .5 uptick according to SIPMM. Regardless of these sound indicators, contraction occurred for 10 months in a row since June.

SIPMM, the same agency, suggests that the electronics sectors are still healthy.